Pencil Drawing of Corsicana, TX

Is anyone reading this blog who grew up in Corsicana, Texas? Did you know that your hometown was named by Jose Antonio Navarro, a famous Texas statesman, who was one of the signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence . The county is named for Navarro. When he was asked to name the town, his response was “Call it Corsicana in honor of the island of Corsica, the birthplace of my father.” The Corsicana/Navarro County Chamber of Commerce reveals more interesting tidbits about their famous town. Anyone looking for special art should view the beautiful Corsicana, Texas Drawing by Michelle Rideout. These limited-edition prints make excellent gifts for any occasion. Many people purchase one for each of their children and grandchildren. Anyone who grew up in Corsicana, TX and later moved away will treasure one because it brings a little bit of home back to them.

If you are from Corsicana, TX, you surely know about the town’s famous fruit cake. Corsicana is best known for its Corsicana fruit cake, baked by the famous Collin Street Bakery and marketed under the name “Deluxe.” The cake is possibly the world´s most famous and is shipped each year to every state in the nation and more than 290 foreign countries. I have visited the Collin Street Bakery several times and enjoyed their delicious cakes.

Corsicana is also famous because oil was first discovered west of the Mississippi River in this Texas town by a drilling firm that was searching for water for the growing town. Thus, Corsicana became the first Texas oil boom town. Corsicana was the site of the first use of crude oil as fuel for locomotives. The state’s first oil refinery–known today as Mobil Oil was built in Corsicana. The Texas Company, Texaco also traces its origin to Corsicana. Russell Stover Candy Company built its largest plant in Corsicana. Russell Stover is the nation’s largest handmade candy company.

Corsicana, Texas is just one of the towns that the Village Prints artists have captured on paper. Village Prints has completed pencil drawings of more than 300 towns in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas and has produced limited-edition prints of these drawings. The originals are pencil drawings, featuring composites of outstanding landmarks and historical buildings such as those in Corsicana, Texas.

Art prints, which portray the historical and architectural heritage of Corsicana, Texas, quickly become collectors’ items. Each print is signed and numbered. The prints are especially appropriate for professional offices. Some professional people have collected all of the prints of their particular regions.